Fernuni Hagen overloaded – number of students is reduced

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Fernuni Hagen overloaded – number of students is reduced


You advertises that even your living area, a lecture hall will be: the University of Hagen. The state university is so well-liked that they’re now the amount of students rephrase need to trim back.Germany’s biggest university, the University of Hagen complains just after years of student growth over overload and pulls the emergency brake. The summer time the number of students is pressed by ten per cent, from 88 000 000 to around 80, “The load limit is reached,” Rector Helmut Hoyer stated in Hagen. The number of students has doubled in seven years. The resources aren’t improved.

The decline of around ten percent has reached the College by shortening the enrollment. Till now, you could enroll throughout the year in Hagen. Thus, the university was their main clientele contrary, experts who wish to study parallel to their operate. Now the registration times have already been shortened to two months before the winter and summer semester and meet the deadlines towards the regular universities. This has led to fewer new enrollments and feedback, Hoyer mentioned. A additional limitation of areas did not exist.To ensure top quality, the Open University has hired ten new professors and one hundred academic employees. The university has a total budget of one hundred million euros is supported two-thirds of your state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Hoyer called for enhanced funding. Other states and the federal government need to be even more involved. (AP)

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